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Benefits of Choosing Kidiatric for Your Orthodontic Needs

  • The convenience of THREE specialties under ONE practice!! We currently offer Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, and Oral Surgery. This provides a comfortable environment with familiar faces for your child's care!
  • We offer COMPLIMENTARY cleanings with fluoride visits, in addition to your regularly scheduled biannual visits with your insurance. (That’s 2 extra cleanings per year with fluoride, an annual savings of $294)!!!

  • SAVE TIME on appointments with our State of the Art Orthodontic bracket system, reducing the frequency of routine visits by 2 weeks! By using Empower 2 brackets, we are able to customize treatment that fits your child's needs, promote better oral hygiene, and provide faster treatment time.

  • We offer AFFORDABLE monthly payments for all Orthodontic treatment

We also have an amazing modern facility with one of the East Valley’s most experienced orthodontists, Dr. Williams, caring for your child!

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